Anthony James Death Unto Life - Carry Thy Cross
Poetry By Anthony James
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Death Unto Life - Carry Thy Cross
Poetry By Anthony James

yoke upon yoke
mine head is bent,
how many yokes around this neck
have i caused, any way?

what did i do, O'God?
why did my Lord, suffer as well?
my brother, the Christ
His price
my price?

O' God what is this
all of this suffering?

bring forth, O' God
rest and peace
my Soul is overworked
like a seed drill

and nothing ever sprouts
of my work?
i suffer great trial
before me ye place heavy things
though i can not lift them

do ye distract me,
otherwise to burdens?
O' God?

yea, ye fill my Soul,
with peace like fleece
though it flees from me

when Ye Hand
putteth, another yoke
around me?

and I wonder, to carry this Cross
when will it end.
where is my resting place
and put my Cross
within it's post
and hammer me down
at long last..
and push me up
so that I may ask You, God

'why have you forsaken me'?

and see then, my King.
and it is done!

My Cross did I carry
eve' this last generation.
the worst of the worst
and vile Satanism and hatred
on this land..

perverse and grave
is the iniquity of the unloving
brothers and sisters
that brood, like vipers
among the noblest of
which dress the skylines
and fill the souls of dead children
like a feast for perishing life

mine eyes I'd rather close
though instead my yoke is my Hope
and mine eyes, soaked

I repent, still on this road..
there I am, alone

Carrying my cross..
thinking at times
of the cost..

and hearing the laughter of them
and seeing things of their esteem
my Soul is spent.

oh to repent..

of this world, God.

and the road seems forever ahead of me..
and has my life, long..

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