Dearest Friend Of Mine
by Unknown


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Dearest Friend Of Mine
By Unknown
Submitted by Debra Stitt - 5 October 2000

I have this friend who prays for me,
Which must be quite a task,
She says she loves me very much,
For this I did not ask.

The thought that now goes through my mind,
Why does this person care?
She hardly even knows me,
Yet, she says I'm in her prayers.

Why would a total stranger,
Speak out to God for me,
Get on her knees and bow her head,
Spend time and energy?

She must have problems of her own,
Though she never talks about them,
But if I ask, she laughs and says,
"Oh, Jesus just re-routs them."

Sometimes I fear my words have hurt,
Yet, she keeps coming back for more,
Again, she says she loves me,
She simply will not close her door.

I've learned to say, "I love you, too."
Which I had not said in years,
Then she would say, "I love you back,"
Reducing me to tears.

She seems to love unselfishly,
But, I wonder what she gains,
"Someday you'll know," she says to me,
"Then, Jesus will explain."

This strange and lovely woman,
Has truly touched my heart,
I'd tell God all about her,
But I don't know how to start.

She says it does not matter how,
Just talk to God direct,
Though she is very close to me,
God will be closer yet.

I thank you, dearest friend of mine,
For all your love and prayers,
I know you are God's gift to me,
As proof He truly cares.

But, Dearest Lord, I thank You more,
For sending me this friend,
Whose word and love expressed for you,
Have placed me in Your hand.