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Poetry By Anthony James
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Dear God
Poetry By Anthony James

My Dear God,
Is it true?
I was a child and knew you?
Prayed everyday?

What? There was another way?
But I began to talk to You
Just as soon as I saw the sun in the sky
That first day when I was able to understand.

I heard about Your Son, Jesus today
In school.
I cried because I felt a sorrow.
A teacher told me,

"Never change, Gerard"

And I was soaked in the Grace of Jesus
Tired and sad,
The sun was setting on me
The trees were orange
The ground was orange

And my tears were falling.
And I looked at my teacher...
He had walked away, turned and as if to sit but on no chair

He looked back
He smiled at me

And he was crying too.

~ Our Savior ~
Jesus Christ.

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