Dear Lord By Tim Barrett


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Dear Lord
By Tim Barrett ©
Submitted 16 September 1999 by the author

"Poem Commentary & Related Scripture"
1 Corinthians 14:1...1 Corinthians 12:7...
Philippians 4: 5-8...
This is a prayer I wrote to the Lord as I
grew in the word and desired to be like Jesus and
to receive the precious gifts he has to give. The most
precious of all is Jesus himself, whom I thank God
for every day.


Lord, speak to me today, so I can face tomorrow.
Lord, cry me Holy tears, to drown my hidden sorrow.

Lord, walk with me today and be my friend in need.
Lord, put your hand in mine, I'll follow where you lead.

Lord, teach me how to praise, so proper praise is given.
Lord, show me how to live, so life can be worth livin'.

Lord, share with me your wisdom, so knowledge takes control.
Lord, share with me the mystery, that will satisfy the soul.

Lord, render to me your Spirit, that gentleness may show.
Lord, give me joy and peace, so goodness starts to flow.

Lord, lend to me your ear, the ear to many voices.
Lord, teach me right from wrong, so wrong don't make my choices.

Lord, take from me the bad, shine in me through and through.
Lord, give to me the good and make me more like you.

Lord, baptize me in Love, let your spirit live in me.
Lord, teach me to obey your words, be the servant I hope to be.

Lord, lift my spirit high, hold tightly on your grip.
Lord, teach my feet to walk, so they never ever slip.

Lord, take me home real soon, give my soul a final rest.
Lord, just to be with you, is the gift I think is best.

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