Dear Sandy Dog
By Barbara Snow


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Dear Sandy Dog
By Barbara Snow

Now you've gone where all the good dogs go;
and from now on I'll think of you chasing a Frisbee
 with the little boy and girl angels.

Losing you hurts so very much today;
but tomorrow I know all the wonderful memories
I have of you will sustain me and take away my sadness.

You did your job for eleven years
touching many hearts helping animal shelters
with their humane education programs for children.

You visited the elderly in nursing homes
and spread kindness in fun events
at malls, expos and the animal shelter.

Now when I see a child hug a puppy
or a senior citizen pet a dog's head,
I will think of you.

I know and understand more
about the giving part of 'love'
because of you.

You were the most grateful dog I've ever known!
You appreciated every treat, every ride in the car,
every tummy rub and all the lap time you were given.

If God only made one puppy dog for the whole world to love
with all the best dog qualities,
He would have chosen you.

Run, dear Sandy Dog, Run...