Lance LandallDeath That Haunts
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Death That Haunts
Poetry by Lance Landall

Our mind is incredibly complex, and thus not fully understood,
Plus, it is also extremely fragile, and mistreat it, no one should.
And hence why each mind is very precious, and amazingly unique,
But some minds end up damaged, or wounded, and some struggle, or are weak.

It’s terribly sad and tragic — that daily — a suicide takes place,
And that many families and friends such a needless loss have to face,
For when someone that you dearly love forfeits their life via suicide,
Something indescribable occurs within you, deep down inside.

A part of yourself dies with them, and you struggle greatly with that loss,
Perhaps even blaming yourself too, as you daily carry that cross,
And perhaps you keep on thinking that you should have done this or that,
Yes, “If only, if only",  you cry, 'till you’re emotionally flat.

You really struggle to understand, possibly even anger feel,
And there is that age old question, “Will this hurt inside me ever heal?”
Yet, life has to continue — you are aware of that — so on you go,
Despite all that pain that's inside, and that sadness from that heavy blow.

We cannot always understand, nor even find out the reason why
Some people chose to commit suicide; no matter how hard we try.
Yes, the mind is very complex, and hence why many things can occur
Deep within the minds of loved ones, that tragically, suicide can spur.

Some minds can even appear healthy, when in fact, they are quite unwell,
For something, somehow, and sometime, or over time, had them become ill.
Therefore, there’s a need for caution, lest things are not as they quite appear,
In the lives of a friend or a stranger, or someone that we hold dear.

Yes, some people will blame themselves, when a loved one commits suicide,
Despite the fact that they are blameless, or that little fault’s on their side.
But whether one's guilty or not, why pointlessly add to all that pain,
And besides, nothing is that cut and dried — you can’t see inside their brain.

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