Poetry By John CannonDeep-Winter Dusk
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Deep-Winter Dusk
By John Cannon

Powdered-sugar hilltops
melding in the view
with pure white
evening clouds,

A red-tailed hawk
circling low
and squealing out
his eerie call,

A few hardy cardinals
perched in frosted cedars,
their brilliant red
turning dark
in the fading light;

The frozen pond is white
with snowdust ―
not a track
or single mark of life,

The river is a silent
gray ribbon
edged with a snowy fringe,

The tightly-planted pine woods
offer shelter
from the light snow
and the heavy cold;

All the world seems
so still and somber
as the pale light
slowly dims.

This is the sober backdrop
of deep-winter dusk,

It chills the body
but somehow lifts
the mind and heart

With a solemn rugged steadinessand a sense of ageless peace.

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