Poetry By John CannonPoetry By John Cannon
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Poetry By John Cannon
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About the Author

John Cannon is a Conservation Biologist who specializes in the conservation of wildlife habitat and the reintroduction of endangered species into areas from which they have been extirpated. He is constantly awed by the magnificence and mysteries of nature, and he hopes to capture some of those impressions in his poetry.

In 2013, Dr. Cannon visited Costa Rica, a country where about one third of the land and inland waterways (both public and private) have been set aside as protected areas to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The people of Costa Rica also recently enacted a law prohibiting “sport hunting” anywhere in the country. In 1948, Costa Rica gave up maintaining an Army and dedicated the funds saved by that decision to support education and conservation. John says, “We have a lot to learn from this country where the people have wholeheartedly endorsed the concept of Pura Vida meaning Pure Life.”

John Cannon Costa Rica conservation poet

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