Lance LandallDestructive Tongues
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Destructive Tongues
Poetry by Lance Landall

Okay, so youíve heard this about me, or youíve heard that about me,
Well, isnít that interesting, though incorrect, predictably.
Now, if you had sought me out ó yes, if you had sought to check with me,
You would have very soon discovered that what you heard was faulty.

Although I shouldnít worry about what any may say of me,
Itís sad if they say wrong things, and you become an accessory,
For you are aiding and abetting what you just assume is true
Which is foolish to say the least, and something that you could well rue.

It could be that it is partly true, half true, even almost true,
But itís that part that isnít true that a great deal of harm could do.
Hence why itís always better to check with the one who itís about,
Or to simply just not repeat such, and err on the side of doubt.

Yes, so many good reputations are ruined because of such talk,
Talk that is pure and simple gossip, which away from, all should walk,
For often someoneís turn-around is torpedoed right in its tracks,
Simply because of a false rumour or distorting of the facts.

ďI heard it on the grapevine,Ē are some words from a song I have heard,
And oh, how true it proves to be, along with, what is overheard.
Yes, itís time that this old grapevine was taken to with secateurs,
Or even better still, uprooted, ímidst loud claps and hearty cheers.

ďDonít speak ill of the dead,Ē you hear folk say ó yet, the living attack,
Via their poisonous gossiping behind somebody elseís back.
While we all should respect the dead, let us respect the living too,
And stop this dreadful gossiping, lest we slander or good undo.

Itís high time that the old rumour-mill was stopped from grinding away,
Besides, itís better that we approach those of whom such things they say.
Yes, best we ignore, or check it out ó get it from the horseís mouth,
As then we'll undoubtedly stop the truth from disappearing south.

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