Dogs and Snow
by Juli Maltagliati


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Dogs and Snow
by Juli Maltagliati
(for Beulah)

I always told her about the snow--—
how she would have loved it.
Her thick coat like fleece
was made for snow.
Yet she lived her life in warm climates,
and never minded at all.

I still think about how I longed to take her
to crisp cold air and white frosted fields.
We would have rolled in the wintry luminosity;
We would have frolicked with delicious abandon.
How she would have shone and danced,
the envy of gods and ballerinas.
It would have been heaven.

But dogs make heaven where they are.
Now, she brings snow to me
in moments when her memory softly falls--
her cool soothing essence,
all pristine and white,
sweet shivering relief
from the blazing tropical sun.

Copyright 7-2-2008
Juli Maltagliati