The Dolphins' Caress
By Rose-Mary Gower


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The Dolphins' Caress
By Rose-Mary Gower
Submitted by the Author 22 Dec 2001

Dolphins' beaks piercing the Oceans' meniscus curves,
Leaping skyward with easy graceful propulsion
Showing off svelte, wet skin, shimmering in sunlight.
An ancient mammal inhabiting the young planet
Long before Man plundered the oceans and seas.
Nurturing their young with skilful ease
Putting to shame their human counterparts.
Gentle, non-judgmental, fearless creatures,
Allow people to come close to their world,
Swimming with dolphins, a new therapy.
The troubled mind is made restful and serene,
A child, misunderstood by elders and peers
Is calm and tranquil in this halcyon environment
Welcomed and embraced by the dolphins' caress.

Copyright Rose-Mary Gower 2001