Poetry By John CannonDusk Falls So Gently
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Dusk Falls So Gently
By John Cannon

Dusk falls so gently tonight,
the air is still warm
but dry and light,

The graying sky
is feather-brushed
with wispy clouds;

Our round-shouldered mountains
have gone from hazy blue to pastel pink
with the sunís last rays,

and now they fade to ghost-gray lumps,
like friendly old bears
stretched out for sleep;

Only the cardinal, the hummingbirds,
and now the bats, are flying;

Katydids and crickets
are replacing the songbird voices,
and the bullfrogs
are just warming up by the pondís edge;

As the air cools
and night sounds settle in,
thereís a soft and delicate peace
that seems to exude;

It seeps into my pores,
tenders my skin,
unwinds my nerves,
and soothes my heart. 

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