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Where are we going in such a hurry?
Why are we travelling so fast?
What if we stopped all this flurry and scurry
not going INTO the past,
but bringing forward its peaceful activity  -
true satisfactions that LAST!
- making the most of our creativity,
not sticking rigidly fast
to ritual, mercenary, dull occupations,
forcing us all to be cast, without leisure,
in one dreary mould  -  the exact negation
of all possibilities hoped-for, of mastering
Life and its beauty, its sweet revelation!
Let us decide to finally bury
all that leaves us aghast;
all that is causing us sickness and worry;
all that's destroying the vast
beauty and promise of this lovely planet;
all that brings suffering to ANYTHING  on it.
Let us get Peace under way!
And let us get started today!
Yes, I hope for a positive ending,
and I know fear is ousted by LOVE;
and I hope we see all nations bending
to follow God's Laws from 'above'  -
the Laws that keep universes running;
the Laws that set ALL people free;
with an end to their fighting and gunning  -
a beginning for you, and for me,
(when the Lion, the Lamb and the Baby,
in safety, will play happily!)

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