Andrew PellFamily, Friends and Strangers
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Family, Friends and Strangers
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Walking along the street yesterday,

Strangers walking past, walking fast,

Individuals all on a mission,

Some may live in concrete jungles, others in a mansion.

Whatever our status is in life we are all the same,

We are all playing the game of life.

Hoping along the way we donít encounter to much strife.

People walking past may be strangers, but they would have family or friends.

We all have the same basic needs.

Hopefully no malice or greed,

Next time you see a stranger give them a warm smile,

They in turn will acknowledge you,

Remember they would be blest with family and friends too.

In Godís divine Kingdom we are all one happy family.

(c) Andrew Pell 03/05/2018

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