Lance LandallFiguratively Speaking
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Figuratively Speaking
Poetry by Lance Landall

If I had a magic wand, I would wave it vigorously,
I would quickly banish sadness, suffering and misery.
I would fill the world with laughter, put a smile on every face,
And thus evil or darkness from any heart and mind would chase.

I would cloak the whole world with love, dry up every single tear,
Sprinkle happiness and joy — continuously — everywhere.
I would make sure that each person got a cuddle every day,
And I wouldn’t let the weather please itself — have its own way.

Giggles would be commonplace, as I would use my wand for fun,
So that every day on earth there would be rays of happy sun.
I would wave away the old blues, get rid of grizzles and growls,
And would banish with my wand, high pitched shrieks, and disturbing howls.

Yes, if I had a magic wand, I would get carried away,
I’d coat each day with brightness, and a creativeness display.
I would send folk nice surprises, see that every need was met,
And I'd remove every worry, each regret, and every threat.

I would fill each home with flowers, hang nice pictures on each wall,
I would help out all the shorties by making them six foot tall.
I would banish age forever so that everyone stayed young,
And I’d make us all attractive, see that critics bit their tongue.

I would take the fear from creatures, have everyone treat them well,
I would banish war and violence, and any other ill.
I would make the air smell lovely, turn the wind into a breeze,
And every summer season, remove those things that make one sneeze.

Yes, if I had a magic wand, I would be a busy bee,
Using it just for others…okay, a tincey bit for me.
Yes, I would make big improvements in this world in which we live,
Improving the lives of others — which me, such pleasure would give.

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