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First Pew
Poetry By Anthony James

I go often now-
To see You-
I used to stand in the back-
Now, I kneel in the first pew

I sit in the empty church in the afternoon-
I see the altar, the table and chair-
A second or two later, I see You there!

You are there-
I am here-
And then, my prayer-
But not before I hear You say, my name-
Just my name. Nothing more.


My head lifts now-
And tears flow from my eyes-
I never dry these tears-
They dry in the air-
They are all about my love of Jesus
And I would never take them away

And right now here in this moment-
It is just us- So quiet, so colorful-
No pain. Love. Only.

I sit quietly, and nothing is said nor heard for a while-
And something comes over me-
A Joy- A smile-

And little drops of love roll down my cheek-
Dispersing among a hundred follicles in my beard-
Reabsorbed back in through my skin, again-
An endless love-

And I swear! Oh Lord, I am here.

January 14, 2011 Anthony James , All rights reserved

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