Anthony James Fishers of Men
Poetry By Anthony James
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Fishers of Men
Poetry By Anthony James

Abba Thou art my Savior
Thanks and Praise
Are Yours
Forever More
Father, I seek only to
Glorify Your Name-

The King Who Is To Come
Who Is To Reign
With Kings and Captains


Though I see the Souls of those
In flesh and bone
Whose heads are void
By worldly throes
Oh Lord, I speak to them

I seek them
I ease upon the Truth
I weep when I go home

Their ears are not turned on
So, they look around instead
When I speak

The most important Words there be
In the entire Universe-

Of Thy Salvation, Lord
Of The Gospel, Lord
Of Miracles
And Prophecy

Of these times
And of Thy Coming-

Oh Father


For I will speak forever
Of You, Jesus
Glorifying Your Name

~But They Will Be Done~

Lord I am Grateful

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