Forgive Me
By Dawn Stratton


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Forgive Me
By Dawn Stratton

I woke, dear Lord from restless sleep
It was not night, nor was it day
Then softly, I began to weep
For I forgot to kneel and pray.

My prayers are like an evening's calm
When my daily tasks are done
Like nature's ever soothing balm
When my Lord and I are one.

How could I forget my time with You
Those moments that I treasure
When You know my joy, or if I'm blue
My prayers are Yours to measure.

Forgive me Lord, if I forget
To kneel at night to pray
For I don't mean to leave You out
Of my thoughts in any way.

I feel forgiveness in my heart
As I pray once more to Thee
You know how I include You
In each day You give to me.

Tonight dear Lord, I won't forget
From whom all blessings come
And lead me into peaceful sleep
When my prayers to Thee are done.

© Dawn Stratton 1992