by Jaunda L Taylor

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©2005 Jaunda L Taylor


I do not suppose that I have in the past, ever given much thought to the Marine.
At least, I did not give much real thought.

When I thought of a Marine, I usually thought of a man who went off to a foreign land and killed other men before these other men killed him—the Marine.

Because of some things that I have gone though, because of some things that God has brought me out of; God has me thinking about a lot of people that I have never really thought of before.

This poem was given by God to a man who for twenty years of his life was a Marine. It is a love letter to him, from God—I was just the instrument that God used. While writing what God gave me, I cried. I was so moved by the words that flowed from my pen unto that sheet of paper—so humbled by the fact that God was using me! What love God has for you!

I am mindful, now. Oh, not as knowledgeable as the Marine, of course—but I am mindful. I will pray, now. For God has moved upon me, and used me to give you a love letter from Him—I will never again think or feel the same way when I see a Marine; especially one in particular.


Shelby: I hope that you will find whatever it is that God is giving to you by way of this poem. There may be someone you need to share this with…I feel strongly in my heart that there is some one you need to share this with—please do so, for God did not give this to me, honey, but to you. He knows the why; He knows the reason. May you be blessed. Peace be unto you, and joy from your One True Love/The Shepherd of your soul---



He stands.
Different than he used to be.
His mind—no longer functions as a single unit.
His body—no longer separate from his mind.
A man-machine trained extensively/exclusively.

He waits.
More ready than he used to be.
His heart beats as he wills it to.
His orders determine the rhythm of his breathing.
A Marine ready to do what only he can do.

He goes.
To a place I would never.
His feet march in harmony with his brothers.
His motivation: to do the job.
A force that cannot define “defeat”.

He moves.
With fierceness—quiet/sleek.
His eyes see for him and his partners.
His hands are quick and precise.
A weapon total and confident.

He returns.
Much different than he used to be.
His mind holds images that haunt.
His body has been forever changed.
A man-machine trained extensively/exclusively.

He waits.
More eagerly than he used to be.
His heart beats much faster than it used to.
His orders- (he wonders about)-but he can’t!
A Marine fighting his own personal battle.

He goes.
To a place of restoration.
His feet lead him to the only Place.
His motivation: Perfect Peace.
A force that has no strength.

He finds.
A Savior Mighty (yet humble).
Who has fought a greater battle than he.
Who is the Warrior of warriors.
The true Undefeated—for the Marine.

He stands.
So different than he used to be.
His mind in God’s Perfect Peace.
His body the temple of the Holy Ghost.
His God: the Hero for the Marine.

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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