Frozen in Rhyme
Poetry By Anthony James


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Frozen in Rhyme
Poetry By Anthony James

yo kitty, c'mere.
he looks up and says 'yes dear'
I look down and say 'switch with me'
we both make a funny face and swap bodies-

meow, meow is all I can say
meow, meow was all he could say
don't ask why because I can't say-
meow, meow (remember?)

I picked up my paw and scratched the freezer door
meow, meow I said once more-
meow, meow he said again,
and I began to worry he wouldn't switch back, then.

open the door I tried to say,
meow, meow oh god this is a cat-atrophy-
to my shock it opened the freezer door!
hooray I meowed at the site of it!

and I jumped into the freezer whole,
ahhhh- nice and cool- the irony of frozen hotdogs
and a icy-cat together in the freezer-

oh my gosh, Fluffy's closing the door as I meow-

August 22, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved