Lance LandallGive It Up!
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Give It Up!
Poetry by Lance Landall

It’s time that every thinking man and woman shunned the callous act of eating flesh, and all the reasons why,
For what reason could possibly be valid, and what sound person such barbarity would want to justify?
And to think that such cruelty is carried out when there’s other food available and more healthy,
Which surely speaks of some kind of criminality, for a creature’s a creature, it deserving mercy.

Oh, how folk love those things that harm them, and flesh food certainly does, for inside us, such wasn’t meant to be,
It riddled with the unseen, and thus far from clean, regardless of its type or pampered history.
And we, clearly herbivores by intention, and why I’ve sought to mention, that eating flesh is total folly,
And why those who’re eating such are dropping like flies, or are suffering from some undiagnosed misery.

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