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God's Creatures
By Ann Willis

God gave us animals to work with if we choose,
But this does not mean freedom to abuse.
All animals feel pain and fear
God created them and in His heart he holds them dear.

Spare a thought for the battery hen
Imprisoned in a tiny cage by the greed of men.
She has no room to walk or open her wings
Because her confinement more profit brings.

Live animals in laboratories are cruelly hurt
By now scientists should have learnt
That medical drugs tested on animals still make people ill
There are safer tests, but they use animals still.

So say a prayer for every exploited little life
In cramped conditions or in any kind of strife
They spend their lives hidden from public view
But remember - these are God's creatures too.

Pray for help, write a letter, see what you can do
Have an animal stand at a church fair if you feel called to
Use products which are cruelty-free
Let's make a start with you and me!

Originally published by Christian Vegetarian Association UK from their publication "Your Say."