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Gods Olympics
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What do we mean by Godís Olympics.
Is it feats of extraordinary courage, superhuman endurance?
Breathtaking assurance.
The Olympic games had the tenets of Christís ministry.
It was a superhuman endurance for the whole world to see.
It displayed physical strength and a race against time.
The courage and tenacity was truly sublime.
Christ ran with the eternal torch.
It wasnít just left in the mailbox or on the porch.
It is the eternal flame of life and light.
It is a glorious wondrous sight.
The stamina and physical endurance displayed on the cross.
Because of the Victory, the celebration was never lost.
We all wear the Gold Medal that God gave to each and everyone of us.
Valiantly won without courage and without fuss.
The Gold Medal is a symbol of victory and Olympian stamina.
The victory and finishing line placed at Golgotha.
With Godís Olympics we are all winners.
We are no longer recalcitrant sinners.
The Opening ceremony was the creation of the world.
The Closing ceremony is Godís judgement unfurled.

© Andrew Pell 08/08/08

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