Go Home, Nothing to See Here, Go Ahead Now!
Poetry By Anthony James

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Go Home, Nothing to See Here, Go Ahead Now!
Poetry By Anthony James

well I already died
from pride-
a while back-

on drugs
for pain, justified sane
but what you see of what I do
and prescription papers I can readily show you

and a past of curse and crash
and I don't care because
I've decided that gold is trash
and in doing so, my thoughts unfold
the notion that I can even make
trash to feel like gold-

and I did so-
and so I did-
and so I lived

disappointments from some place
they came-
manipulating excuses to feel no shame
and sure enough I did have pain
and sure enough, trust I could never gain

and this kind of way-
leads a man astray-
and I so I died
a man who had nothing
but only pride-

and of the drugs, I died

and in this came mercy-
but I did burn in a fire
and I saw my self
gasping for air, and tired

and I woke another man
new things I could understand-
and I turned my life around
my pride there too had died-
in the fire

and no one knows what to say?
and I think it's because I showed them,

and in that, they see
that God is within me

and in this they keep quiet
and as for me-
I am waiting- and I know, now,
that nothing in this world is good.


In this, He has seen my face-
Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
who I now share a Spirit with-
And live by His Grace

and a contrite heart and broken spirit
He will not despise.
and dead in sin, my heart did rise-

and then awake to weeping, seeing eyes-

Oh, Father I want to turn around and walk over everything
in shoes with rubber soles and erase my past

April 14, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved