Lance LandallGoing, Going…
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Going, Going…
Poetry by Lance Landall

I'd really like to know just how much you value freedom and liberty,
Because both of them are going, going…subtly and very rapidly.
If your answer is, “Very much”, then I would guard them very jealously,
For should they both disappear, I am sure that you would miss them dreadfully.

Yes, freedom and liberty are things that we cannot take for granted, friend,
Otherwise, both of them will inevitably come to a screeching end.
You see, this freedom that we enjoy, and civil-religious liberty,
Only remain where they are strongly protected and nurtured faithfully.

It’s very clear to me that certain forces are working to undermine
This precious freedom we currently have — yes, our birthright is on the line.
There isn't a single doubt in my mind that liberty is under threat,
Which is why we need to take care, lest such we foolishly aid and abet.

And such we certainly will aid and abet, if we do not play our part,
By doing everything that we can to see that neither of them depart.
And hence why we cannot remain inactive, nor not let our voice be heard,
Otherwise, we will just aid some nasty Power that will have the last word.

And nor should we let terrorism steal our freedom and our liberty,
Via the foolish and wrongful introduction of laws legislatively.
No, we just can’t allow any government the kind of authority
That could very quickly see them ruling secretly and oppressively.

So be very watchful for the sake of your spouse, family, and any friend,
And for your fellow citizens also, for danger lies around the bend.
Yes, it has all happened before, and it seems that it will happen again,
In fact, I’m very, very sure that it is only a matter of, “When?” 

Earth's history has clearly shown that those people who do not make a stand
Their precious freedom, and precious liberty, soon to other people hand.
Hence why we all should learn from history, and should face this grave threat head-on,
Or soon it will just be a case of — yes, you guessed it — going, going, gone.

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