Go Softly As You Leave Me
By Dawn Stratton

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Go Softly As You Leave Me
By Dawn Stratton

I stepped into your room last night; you didn't see me there

For you were deep in slumber as I knelt and stroked your hair

I can't believe you're leaving me and yet I know it's true

As your wedding day approaches and another waits for you

Your room will now be empty and I'll use it as a spare

But every time I step inside, I'll feel your presence there

I''ll look at all the souvenirs you put up on the wall

Those crazy garish posters that you picked up at the mall

I know the music that you played will echo in my ears

Along with all the laughter that we shared throughout the years

No more racing motors will I hear out on the drive

No more late night phone calls just to say you're still alive

A million thoughts now cross my mind of days when you were young

A happy carefree little boy . . . and loved by everyone

Now another love has won your heart, this too is part of life

I pray that you will honor her as she becomes your wife

I'm grateful for the years we've had when you were mine alone

But every fledgling has to fly and leave his mother's home

The wife that you have chosen will be very dear to me

For she will now be part of you and all that's yet to be

For I haven't lost a son at all, like the old cliches you hear

Instead my new found daughter will help to keep you near

I'll try to be a mother-in-law of which she can be proud

And I'll sing her praises to my friends, that is, if it's allowed

I'll try hard not to meddle, as some mothers often do

I'll wait for invitations and I won't embarrass you

Now hurry off before I cry, your new life's just begun

Just remember how I love you as I say goodbye . . . my son.