Anthony James

Grace Unto Bliss
Poetry By Anthony James


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Grace Unto Bliss
Poetry By Anthony James

Decipher O' God Thy World
And All In It
That Thou Created

Give Praise
To God's World
Where The Hearts Of All Men
Are Deciphered -

Where God Sees
That Every Man Is A Sinner.

Pull Back A Veil O' God
That Free Will Will Free Us
From Any Fear To Restrain Our Hearts

Save Us O' Savior
Merciful Brother And Friend
Come Upon Me, Jesus
I Knew When You Did
O' Heaven.

Save Me, Oh Christ
Ye Did Forgive Me
And I Died In Your Arms

Into The Arms Of Life Eternal
Did I Fall And Rise
O' Truth
O' Jesus
O' Word

My God And Savior
Ye Sealed Me In Thy Heart

And I Will Be Soon
Celebrate My Life With You

That You Have Given To Me

Your Child.

O' Father, Thank You Father.