Have Fun!
Poetry By Anthony James

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Have Fun!
Poetry By Anthony James

his way was like a blind man,
who walked into darkness
to a valley, far away
from any light-

like a man who eats blindness
because its taste is full of pleasure
feeding his heart with inclination
toward lustful treasure

eating the world
eating mortality
loving the flesh
selling eternity
for these days... of breath
to the dealmaker of lies
who makes his wage in death

sitting aside, to find Truth
The Lion sits,
His eyes closed-
His Heart pounding like the hammers
that nailed His Heart before-

saying words such as;
'they only know how to want'
'they want you when they will need you'
'they do not love you, but pleasure they love'
'all these are disloyal to you'
'but, loyal to me'

'all these have bought the world from me'
'for their breath of life'
'they are mine'

and the Lion,
walks away.