A Healer's Reflections
By Michael Fox, D.Sc., Ph.D.

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A Healer's Reflections
By Michael Fox, D.Sc., Ph.D.

Separated from belief and disbelief
We discover divinity within each other.
The truth that sets us free to serve.
To heal and to make whole
Is in our sense of the sacred,
And in the sacraments of silent oaks
And standing stones.

When we make peace
With Nature, mother of us all,
And conserve, preserve, restore,
To human nature peace will come.

Can we not save the tiger and the elephant,
Whale and albatross, as we stand and witness
Arctic polar bears melting into extinction?
Protecting their wild domain is enlightened self-interest.
Healthy ecosystems mean cleaner air and purer water.

Propagating these man-endangered souls
Through artificial means,---like clones, and embryo surrogates,
Is the feel-good insanity of the end of days
Creating virtual realities devoid of virtue, history.

If the moral compass of compassion is our guide
To reason, like a loyal dog always at our side,
Trustworthy, faithful to the end---
Then we will, and we can make good,
Heal and make whole in the peace all need
To evolve in beauty, suffering and love.