By Dawn Stratton

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By Dawn Stratton

Death was my mortal enemy . . . its specter haunted me

And made me wonder what would be . . . my final destiny

Would I simply be no more, my time on earth expired?

Or would there be an afterlife, which I so long desired?

And what of loved ones gone before, what was their final fate?

Would they be waiting for me if I reached that Golden Gate?

There are so many answers that I need before I go

Within my heart I feel that there are truths that I must know

I gazed upon a volume that was open near my bed

And saw upon those pages what in Scriptures had been said

I read each line with passion, as I'd never done before

And learned of all the wonders that our Father has in store.

For those who truly do believe, a new life will begin

A life of joy and beauty, free from pain as well as sin

Where sorrow cannot enter in, nor fear or desolation

And man can worship unashamed, his God with adoration

Where every man is equal in the kingdom high above

And welcomed in most warmly by the One he learned to love

Where sun and moon are absent, no more needed for their light

God's radiance alone will shine all through the day and night

Believers all will live again, according to the story

As written in the Holy Book, we'll be reborn in Glory

For though the body turns to dust, the Spirit lives forever

Eternal as our Lord, our God, we'll be once more, together.

I wept as I turned each new page, the truths I sought were there

I learned of golden cities, sights and sounds beyond compare

These words were from the Bible, they had been there all along

Reading them I felt refreshed, my mind and body strong

No longer will I wonder, for the message now is clear

No need for mortal anguish, even death I will not fear

For death is only temporal, while God prepares a place

For those who love and honor Him, whose teachings they embrace

Death be gone!! Take your miseries; no fear of you remains

For Christ has been the victor as He cast you down in chains

And in your place we're given life, through Jesus' resurrection

Then we. . . like He. . . will live anew, in Heavenly perfection.

Dawn Stratton ©1993