By Dawn Stratton

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By Dawn Stratton

When they took my Dad to Heaven (and I know that he is there)

A rainbow graced the azure sky . . . a sight beyond compare.

It was like he left a message, saying life on earth is good

But a better life is waiting and he hoped I understood.

He didn't want to leave me, and I felt my heart would break

But I thought about our Lord and knew my Dad was His to take.

For they needed one more Angel when they came across his name

They knew that he was special so they called him and he came.

I often sit and talk to him, pretending he is here

It gives me consolation just to think he could be near.

I'm so grateful I remember little things about my Dad

How he used to make me laugh and then forgave when I was bad.

He would try to be a "tough guy" -- it would last about a minute

For you see, that wasn't him at all, his heart just wasn't in it.

He was the kind of man that almost everybody liked

And they often sought his counsel when things weren't going right.

There were many kinds of things that he would always like to do

And I yearned to emulate him, so I learned to like them, too.

He said I could be anything I'd ever want to be

His wisdom and encouragement were tools that I would need.

Yes, I remember all of these, there's more I hold within,

The pride I feel when I excel is all because of him.

If I see another rainbow, it will make my heart feel glad

For I'll know it's one more blessing being sent to me from Dad.