Hell Hole
Poetry By Anthony James

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Hell Hole
Poetry By Anthony James

Satan loves fire,
A Soul does not;
Choose your Home carefully,
Hell Holes or not...

Satan will laugh when you cry...
Live on while you die...
Souls diminished
In Hell you're finished.

No more thoughts, no more courts..
Guilty, condemned,
The end of the end.

Burning forever,
Your skin like leather...
If only you could shake that fire,
You'd feel so much better...

You'll try for sure...
But evil this pure will never cease;
Your home is Hell,
Man your lease.

Signed on earth...
To your chosen Beast,
Your blood for ink,
At last at peace,
Or so to speak.

Your bed made hot,
A fiery feast
Awaits your belly,
If you can eat.

You knew the Truth,
When it mattered the least;
You are home now aren't you?
What a relief!