Here to Find a Friend
Poetry By Anthony James


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Here to Find a Friend
Poetry By Anthony James

i agree with you
this world is not worth living for
i do agree with you 100%

i hate the world
i always have
it has hated me forever!

i see the cuts
i see the drugs
i see the doors to escape
the world

i took a door
reluctant and slow
to call it a suicide attempt
is a joke

still i did die
drugs stopped my heart
away, i fell
straight to hell
i kid you not.
----------------------------------- --
do not harm yourself, my love
----------------------------------- --
i am back here again
like i was when born
i had no control to ever be
so in these things i see

i see God, the Father
who gives life to all-
God takes and God gives

and even if we die
Jesus can start your heart again
is this for another try?


this is to tell you about Jesus.
that is why i am here, again.
to tell you.. 'hey you'
you who are like me-
but don't know it
and don't see-

listen to me
i have the eyes for us
i have the ears for us
and i have the fingers typing the words for us

Jesus Christ is the Loving God
Came from Heaven to be a man
like the likes of us,
we promptly killed Him
shortly after His mission began

but I am here to tell you
that Jesus did not die in vain-
He spoke Words for Salvation
for Eternal Life, to gain...

and those Words await you
if you only knew.
like i do.

oh if you only knew what i do.
to be Resurrected among a world of men
to know Everything
and to the world, it means nothing.

what a thing it is
and i want to yell and i want to scream
but it won't change a thing

but maybe, one will turn
and that 1 will be my best friend forever and ever
not in the world, no..
in Heaven.