His Search Is Ceaseless
Poetry By Anthony James

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His Search Is Ceaseless
Poetry By Anthony James

You are a sheep who has wandered away-
Oh Shepherd, bring him home, we pray-
My brothers who wander the fields-
has slipped, and fallen-
Lost and hungry for your Truth-
He is in the depths of a dire fall, Father-

Alone, he feels abandoned-
Not seeing his choice to walk away in the first place- he is lost
Still, the Good Shepherd will leave us all to find him-
To find and bring him Home, safely- and Lovingly-
And we will all wait patiently, and pray the days...

And we will all rejoice, if our Lord finds Grace in him
Our brother is Home with us again!
Now he will stay in the herd, tell us of the dangers in wander-
Knowing that without God, there is only darkness and lonesomeness-
So our Friend, He comes with His Light and His Love- He Forgives.

He Saves!

And now we are in the Light and in His Glorious Presence-
Receiving His Love-

Never lonely again.
Oh Jesus, Your Love is True and Unending.
My heart is Yours forever and ever, Father.

December 10, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved