Lance LandallHomeward Bound
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Homeward Bound
Poetry by Lance Landall

They had come to board a vessel, their tickets tightly held in hand,
For they'd spent twenty years as missionaries in a foreign land.
Feeling very drained and weary, they then boarded the waiting ship,
Struggling with the suitcases that they had often held in their grip.

And upon that ship’s stained wooden deck, they stood waiting to depart,
Both grappling with mixed emotions, and deeply burdened in their heart.
And there, unnoticed and unknown, they stared down at the dock below,
Whereupon a shiny car appeared, midst cheers that began to grow.

A person who was rather famous, judging by the crowd that grew,
Quickly boarded that very same ship, safely ushered by its crew.
And soon he disappeared from sight, deep into the bowels of the ship,
Where throbbing motors signalled that it had begun its homeward trip.

The couple who had been watching such, now turned to face each other,
But emotion deeply felt, the husband could no longer smother.
Thus, a tear trickled down his sad face, and she heard her husband say,
“Twenty years of sacrifice, and not one person cheered us today.”

The rather famous person who had boarded the same home-bound ship
Oft strolled about the upper deck, with drinks held firmly in his grip.
One couldn’t help but notice the special treatment that this man got,
And all the admirers of this man were not difficult to spot.

After a number of weeks at sea, the ship sailed into port,
And just as soon as it had docked, many reporters this man sought.
And midst another growing crowd, and more cheers that soon rent the air,
He slid into a plush limousine that departed who knows where.

Well, soon the couple had embarked, and now homeward made their own way,
Thinking about their humble home where they had often knelt to pray.
And once there, they paid the driver, who had driven them to their door,
Where they made their way inside, dropping their suitcases on the floor.

Exhausted from their journey, they soon slumped into their comfy chairs,
Where once again, she noticed her dear husband’s softly trickling tears.
And taking hold of his hands in hers, she asked midst tears trickling too,
“Does it still upset you, my Love, that not one cheer rang out for you?”

With lowered head he slowly nodded, and then heard his sweet wife say,
“Well, tell God just how you’re feeling, Love, He’s waiting for you to pray.
And I will linger here in this room, and later, when you come back,
You can tell me what He said, while our clothing I quietly unpack.”

Soon her husband had returned from the other room where he had prayed,
And her breast heaved with a sigh, for now a beaming smile was displayed.
“Oh, please tell me what He said, Love, for I know our God truly cares,
And that He always answers without fail, His children’s heartfelt prayers.”

“Well, I told Him how we’re so weary, how we’ve sacrificed for years,
So unnoticed and unknown, and how I had envied all those cheers.
I told Him that I love Him greatly, but had envied all that fuss,
And how secretly I had wished that the receiver had been us.”

“Then I listened for an answer hoping that something I might hear,
So concerned that my poor behaviour may have turned away His ear.
But kneeling beside the bed feeling very anxious and upset,
I clearly heard a voice say, 'Patience, my son, for you’re not home yet.' ”

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