Anthony James

I Know
Poetry By Anthony James


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I Know
Poetry By Anthony James

there was a night.
this one night, that came...
lost in time
lost in shame

i pulled down the corner, bound
beneath pillows neatly pressed,
the blanket that covered my wife and I
on the bed where our heads laid rest

truly, it was just another night.

o' november
the night.

such a wonder...
whence i went down under
to the fiery flame
t'were upon of mine
of mine very own flesh

when mine eyes were let to see
of the One t'was on the Cross
Died for me...

and knew me

me. I never thought it so.
for I have never done anything right
nor to succeed but only did i fail
at every thing

but it was true
that I loved You
and I never denied truth
though my own was sad and unfortunate

//////////"has any one ever loved me"//////////

~I asked in a sigh, tired now~
I asked of Ye, Jehova...

////////"even once in my life"////////

i could not deny that I loved You, Jesus
for all my time.

Oh God Thy Spirit Fall Upon Me
This Night..
Of Fire
And Death
And Resurrection
Of Love
Of Mercy
Of Truth

Precious King True And Faithful Lord And Savior
For it is so, Thy Word bestow
The Truth-

John told us of You
That You were coming after Him
To Baptize in The Holy Spirit.

And Ye did of mine little name oh Powerful God
Filled me with Thy Love
Thy Holy Spirit And Truth And Knowledge

And Ye did Heal me
O' God

How do You do these things?
How can it be that Ye are Ye
So Beautifully....

For Ye are There
For Ye are here
O' God Ye are every where

Oh Jesus, Oh God
Oh LIght
Such Might
Such Glory And Wonder
Such Power And Mercy

.. and I awoke that day
... turned my head to my wife
.... and opened my mouth WIDE

Knowing of the things that were to change.

there was a night.
this one night, that came...
lost in time
lost in shame

that I was Saved.

///////////////////////////////////      ////////////
some years later He would answer me while
I snored during a nap
// Do I not Love you //
He answered in a strong Fatherly Voice...
Knowing full now the Truth
I answered "Yes Father" - expediently
And I woke fast from this voice and stood up fast too.
///////////////////////////////////      ///////////

And I became glad, then.