Belinda van Rensburg I AM
Poetry by Belinda van Rensburg A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from

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"I Am the Origin, King of Creation,
I'm the Lord of all tribes, all tongues and all nations.
My voice is like thunder, my eyes are like coals;
I am the Maker and Savior of souls.
I Am the One, I'm the Almighty God;
I have in my hand the scepter and rod.
My throne is in heaven, for that's where I live -
to all who are mine life with me I will give.

I Am Lord of creation, eternal and just,
but man on the earth I have made from the dust.
I gave him my breath and he came to life;
I gave him a garden and I gave him a wife.

I Am the One who loves all that I've made;
the angels in heaven, the man and the maid.
I love them with all that I Am for I'm love;
I'm the Father, the Son and the Spirit above.

I'm the Lord of Hosts, I'm the Almighty King -
I gave them all voices and taught them to sing.
Eternity's yearning I've put in their hearts,
I'll protect them all from the evil one's darts.

I am holy, majestic, righteous and glorious;
over evil and death and decay I'm victorious.
Now come all my children, draw near unto me,
for I have the power to set you all free."

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