I Am Weak
Poetry By Anthony James

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I Am Weak
Poetry By Anthony James

my Father, I am weak
as weak as I am strong in other areas
I try so hard to do the little thing
and fail, often-

I do not mean to disappoint You
I am angry towards my self
and I process my weakness
deep past my own consciousness
I am working this out

I want to be with You
on that day.
I know it Comes, Father-
Not when, but I know this to be the Truth
in my Heart & Soul- that You allowed me

I am Weak, Father
Why am I weak, I am ashamed
I cry and every minute brings a new hour
my feelings change like the sky moves
from light to dark-

I Pray - and I say - I am weak, Father
give me Strength and Grace
testing me for so long,
You are patient -
So many things to strengthen
Some I have overcome, victorious.

I need more, Father -
The closer I am to You
The faster I shall run.

Soon all will be conquered
I will pass through this most complex
test of time, maze of Truth-
Let me be with You -

I can see Mother Mary
Her stars are a Halo
Her palms are facing up
I want to put my hand into Hers

And Be In Heaven.

So, be with me, pray for me
love me and I will be Strong, Father