I Got Smart
Poetry By Anthony James

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I Got Smart
Poetry By Anthony James

covering God's plan-

the Human Soul in body, on land.

our first breathe starts the clock,

the beating of our heart-

Life is not a game,

it is an uncovering of a Soul's True Essence

Time is the platform,

God has created it. We are in this world, His World

It will never end and we are here to show God things

about ourselves - our Souls and the Life of Them in the balance

The Universe is infinite- Souls can win it.

Jesus is our Saviour.

I got smart-

I once thought about myself

my car, my looks, money, status

I searched for love in other (wo)men

I never found it.

I thought loneliness to be a void

I am learning now that it is the undoing of my err's

these hurts so much when I am alone - I have done wrong.

I am a sinner, there is not a doubt in that. Forgive me Jesus.

It is not a bad thing but a cleansing -

I am beginning to accept it -

It gets better with time and understanding what it means.

pain leads us away from things that harm us - A merciful thing indeed.

Now if we would just heed.

Jesus' Love never spared as a child,

The Soul is Wild, adulthood sinful

I moved away, sadly, from His Power-

replaced by my power, insufficient is the understatement

of all time.

This life of mine, in this present time is my sample

Jesus set the example, for us all. He knows we fall -

He is patient - He calls and calls..

I have finally heard Him-

I got smart

Jesus' is my only chance,

to take this sample and be a my-Soul example

To this world, wrought with sin and lost Souls

Praying we will all find Him, and He us, He who Loves us

Truly. The only One who does.

Settle down now,

sweep away your distractions,

clear a clean path for your prayers-

God is There, listening, Here watching-

Be smart.

And more importantly always stay smart!

Til the end.