Lance LandallI Love You
Poetry by Lance Landall
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I Love You
Poetry by Lance Landall

The sun is shining brightly, the sky is a beautiful blue, And thereís one or two wispy clouds, and a breeze, I might add too. One that is playfully teasing the colourful dancing heads Of pretty little flowers gazing out from their flower beds.

Basking in the summerís warmth, they welcome all the busy bees, That tickle with their bristles, and then each flowerís pollen seize. Then off these buzzing fur balls fly to a hive thatís tucked away, Where honey is manufactured in a very clever way.

And ants are busy working too, lugging loads beyond their size, Loads that  would shame a weightlifter seeking an Olympic prize. Marching in a lengthy line through grass that's shaded from the sun They are simply far too busy to make time for having fun.

My, look at that slinky caterpillar -- it's so elastic, Yes, the way it bends its body is really quite fantastic. But even more amazing is that very soon it will be A large monarch butterfly gliding ever so gracefully.

A little kitten is chasing a large insect thatís near by, But despite its best endeavours, it wonít catch that dragon-fly. Yes, itís jumping like a cracker, its paws beating at the air, And Iím so glad itís not a bee, or a howl one soon might hear.

A bird is swiftly flying towards a nest up in a tree, Where little baby starlings are waiting most expectantly. Soon the yummy little worms that motherís bringing to her young Will hush that plaintive wailing coming from each tiny wee lung.

Oh, what a joy to watch and hear all this life on planet earth, All the wonders and the antics that fill us with awe and mirth. How good it is to share these sunny days and skies of blue, And to feel that gentle breeze, whilst whispering, ďI love you.Ē

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