Lance LandallIncey Wincey Spider
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Incey Wincey Spider
Poetry by Lance Landall

There's an amusing little story that for years has been about,
Which says that Incey Wincey Spider clambered up a water spout.
It also states that some rain came, which washed poor Incey Wincey out,
’Cause as the rain ran off the roof, it gushed on down the water spout.

But hey, this story doesn’t end there, ’cause when the rain went away,
Right back up that water spout, Incey Wincey spider made his way.
Yes, even though dazed and bedraggled, Incey Wincey persevered,
And high up that water spout — midst loud cheers, I hope — soon reappeared.

Now, all of us can learn from this, and a lesson identify,
’Cause sometimes things can happen that see the best of plans go awry.
And why we too, just like Incey Wincey, should not accept defeat,
But instead, and with our head held high, quickly get back on our feet.

Oh yes, if Incey Wincey did it, after being drenched by rain,
I’m sure that we can do it too, if we don’t let our own zeal wane.
’Cause we’re much bigger than a spider, and we have a smarter brain,
So don’t give up, but try again, should any plans go down the drain.

And so, whenever things get hairy, just think of Incey Wincey,
And exercise a little faith, it only taking a tincey.
Thus you not giving in to doubt, but instead, leaving room for hope,
And should someone say “Give up,” just copy Incey Wincey, and say, “Nope.”

’Cause often we can encounter water spouts, which we need to climb,
Spouts that can flood too, just like in this story, that I’ve put to rhyme.
And we thus getting a soaking, and possibly even washed out,
And why, just as we’re exiting — “I will return!” — should loudly shout.

Yes, Incey Wincey was a hero, and we can be heroes too,
If we, midst adversity, a positive attitude pursue.
’Cause if a spider can do it, with an amusing name like that,
I’m sure that we can do it too — so, go on, be a copycat. 

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