In Common
Poetry By Anthony James


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In Common
Poetry By Anthony James

My dear Lord, Jesus
I am a disciple
Since I was a child
I have loved You

I have heard
Faith cometh from the Word
And I have the Word
And I have believed
In the unseen

And I have lived
In the contrary confines
Of opposing forces
Of God and Money
In the world

I have feared You, God
For I have known
That I am a sinner

But I feared You, Lord
I feared losing You
I will always choose You
I love You!

It's True
Every Word, dear Jesus
That You have spoken

And the world has not welcomed me
I have been alone, often
And I know You know
For these were the times we loved each other, dearly

For these were the times
We were closest
Thou did come, Lord
As The Comforter

I Thank You

Lord, the world killed me
My heart lifeless
My Spirit crushed

Dead, I went to hell
Saved, I rose again!
I am a Christian

Born Again
Alive Forever More

We Have These Things

~In Common~