In the End, I Won
Poetry By Anthony James


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In the End, I Won
Poetry By Anthony James

goodbye world, goodbye to you
I am living beyond you
do you remember me?

I know you, world.
and I am glad to see you go.

looking at you
and you looking at me
you cry
you weep

but you would have bet the universe
I would have been crushed by you

and I was.
but the look you have now is pathetic

~it is one of defeat~

you would rotate forever
telling me
showing me

that I am not magnificent
while I suffered inside
you'd go round and round
between dirt and sky

I would cry
and you would say bye, bye
and you left me with nothing
but to die

and I did
and then you threw me into hell

what a thing to do
to be
to go through

no mother to hear my cry
no nothing
but me about to die

oh this Truth
it hurts so deep
weep child, weep

telling everyone I've got nothing
and they believed you
and I believed you

but I had this on you
in the throngs of your filthy rounds
among the countless souls you stray

~I Prayed~

And in hell, I was Saved

And can you imagine

The Cross Is Here
Just a breath, ago

He did die


So, then when I go Home
The like I shall see

goodbye, world
I know you are crying
I know you are dying

but in the end
I don't care about you

So then,

Jesus Saved me.

I won.