In The Pound
By Stephie Uchiha


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In The Pound
By Stephie Uchiha

 Why am I condemned
To this prison?
Is there a reason to my suffering?
Did I commit a sin?

Why am I forgotten
By the people who once loved?
Did I do something bad?
Did I do something wrong?

Every time someone comes along
They walk right on by
Without a glance
Or a look of love

I must be too ugly,
Too old, too dispirited
I wag my tail
Sparkle my eyes

But all of it in vain
For the time soon will come
When I’ll be taken away
Not by a loving family

But by the men of hate
How I long to see the sun
To feel grass beneath my paws
To live, to jump, to run
But most of all be loved

I dream of flowered fields
Of sparkling, shining lakes
Of Frisbees cutting the wind
I just want to play

I see him coming now
That man in clothes of white
I follow now behind him
My fighting will has died

I’ll never again see the sun
Never feel the morning grass
Never catch a Frisbee
In its flitting path

For now I leave this world
Of selfishness and greed
And fly to my Creator
The One who cares for me.