Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Who has ever seen the Holly Grail here on earth?
Did they know of its great value and worth?

Many went in search for it in times gone by.
Many searched but it never came before their eye.

I myself believe I have seen the Grail.
A strong belief I have and far from frail.

Yes I believe I have seen it but not here on land.
I saw it held on high and held by Godís hand.

You see the Grail appeared to me one morn.
A sign I say of a love un forlorn.

The Grail was shown upon a pillow of clouds this day.
A wondrous sight to see as I traveled on my way!

Just what was it upon this new morn you ask that I did see?
The perfect form of a goblet the color of gold I saw before me.

The shape etched into the cloud shown by the sunís light.
A wonderful picture to behold within oneís sight!

It was a sight that was there for only a short while that day.
God allowed for only a few to view it before he took it away.

Now some will say all I saw was a cloud before the sun.
But they are non believers in God each and every one.

They are the non believers unable to look into the skies.
They are unable to see God signs He places before our eyes.
Now as for those of you who believe in God and Jesus as I do.
Look towards Heaven on an early morn, maybe you will see it too.

Written 8-31-06

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