Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Life entitles us to pain and sorrow.
The knowledge there will come a tomorrow.
Life in itself is but a state of mind.
It will treat you harsh or even kind.
Life truly is what you allow it to be.
A time of calmness or one that is windy.

It can be as wonderful as a new morn.
Or as exciting as seeing; puppies being born.
It could be as days filled with great fear.
Or as sad and lonely days filled with tears!
Life truly is what you allow it to make of you.
Good or bad as a morning is new.

Be it as the pounding of a heart from a nightmare.
Or one of the love, of life with others you share.
Be it be, as bright as a flash of lightning in the sky.
Or be it; weak and whimpering waiting to die.
Life is rainy days and days brightened by the sun.
Life is everything you have ever said and done.

Remember it can be pleasing to one and all you know.
It will be what you make of each day as you go.
Life will be the state of mind in which you live each day.
A time of great joy or one you allowed to, slip away.
So remember life is greatest gift from God above.
It is lived to its fullest with his guidance and love.

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