It Is Done
Poetry By Anthony James


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It Is Done
Poetry By Anthony James

Father, Father
You are here
You are everywhere
Through the air-
You hear my prayer

I ask you sincerely
For things daily
I think to myself

Do not expect it this time
I have to be humble
I have to be kind
Don't ask for things all the time

But I don't say those things any more..

I ask all the time-

Father, Father
I need your protection
Father, Father
I need you to hold me up, today
Father, Father
My eyes weep then-

Father, Father
Thy Grace is within again
Father, Father
Do you hear me?
Father, You hear me!

So clear to me!
Answering my prayers for me-
Holding my memory of it all
Then whispering, you call..


My Father!
I see so many things-
Who puts them into my eye?
Thy, oh Thy!

Ahahaha... My Joy... Such Joy...
I see the Angels
White, and a golden sky-
I see the hearts glowing
Of the ones I loved
Of the ones who loved me

Thy, oh Thy, Father
Hath Saved us!

Saved .. oh Salvation, Jesus..
Glory and celebration
Joy and Glorification

Of our King,
Who Stands Completely LOVED!
By His Children-

For we have endure the world...
And Loved The Lord...

And it is done.