Lance LandallIt Never Pays
Poetry by Lance Landall
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It Never Pays
Poetry by Lance Landall

It’s as if he’d read my mind, as I stood there deep in thought, For the old man shook his head, as I turned, and our eyes caught. Then gesturing to the path, that had held my steady gaze, He said with deep conviction, “I wouldn’t, son, it never pays”.

His words I should have heeded, but this path still drew my eyes, And as I stood there gazing, I soon felt my interest rise. Reluctantly, he moved on, but his troubled look I saw, For he knew I’d take this path, like so many had before.

At first it seemed exciting, for each step brought new delights, And in time I’d wandered far, mesmerized by sounds and sights. But trouble soon engulfed me, and I heard ringing in my ear, “I wouldn’t, son, it never pays”, and I soon began to fear.

However, still I wandered, down that path, despite my fears, Till the words of that old man, ceased to echo in my ears. I’d figured that my troubles, might abate as time went by, Though an uneasy feeling, in my stomach, seemed to lie.

That unease began to grow, when more trouble came my way, But other folk on that path, told me that I’d be okay. They were ready with advice, tried to comfort and distract, And I found myself admitting, there was still much to attract.

But just as night follows day, pain and sorrow came my way, And the merits of proceeding, I solemnly, began to weigh. As I paused to count the cost, yet again, I turned to gaze, But startled, heard behind me, “I wouldn’t, son, it never pays”.

A hand reached out to grasp me, ’twas the old man who’d warned, My departure down this path, this old man had clearly mourned. Tirelessly, he’d been searching, and now earnestly was pleading, “Come on, son, I’ll lead you back; for you, my hearts been bleeding”.

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