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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 2-4-07

What is it like outside today? Itís not nice enough to go out and play. Itís not good for winter has its hold. Here today it is very, very cold.

Why itís so cold Iím afraid to spit. Thus it is here inside I plan to sit. Itís so cold going outside, I wish there not to go. I need not to know what the thermometer did show.

Its winter time and I can feel itís very cold. Old man winter in his grasp, us he does hold. Hold he shall for more than a day or two. Continuing to freeze us through, and through!

Its cold outside thatís what it is today. Itís very cold outside and inside I want to stay. And for those of you who outside do wish to go. Donít ask me for I tell you now the answer is no.

Here inside where itís warm I want to be. If you wish to speak to me, under a blanket Iíll be. Under a blanket all comfy and warm I say. Its cold outside and in here Iíll spend my day.

Here in Wisconsin where I live the temperature was minus 20 and falling and close to minus 40 at the time this was written.

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