Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 6-4-06

A demon once came to live within me. A demon was in me, as I allowed him in, you see. I allowed him in, when my Lordís teachings I forgot. A demon came to live in me, and I wanted him not. Oh dear God how I wanted him gone. Yet I couldnít chase him away, his hold was too strong.

His hold was strong, and my life wasnít as it should be. Dear God how I did want him out of me. My life and soul he was slowly taking apart. This demon was enjoying how I let him into my heart. Into my heart he came, as my Lordís teachings I had forgot. With him in my heart, pain and sorrow was all that I ever got.

Just who is this demon you ask, and what is his name? His is well known by many, for into them, too, he once came. As he did to me, he did them too; he entered into their heart and souls. Taking away the feelings of love and compassion was one of his goals. Closing their eyes to what they, as I, had once been taught. Our souls were darkened with misery, and with Anger we fought.

With Anger we had to fight for our hearts and souls to retrieve. Oh what a battle to take them back, from Anger we did receive. At first we all fought him alone. Then into our hearts the light again was shown. With that light now shining, Anger knew his time was through. Anger unhappily left our hearts, and now he is in search of one of you.

My battle with the demon called Anger took me many a year. That battle cost me great sadness, and it also caused many a tear. In time I remembered what my Lord wanted me to know. Oh what a happy day it was when from my heart Anger did go. Having such a demon living within me again, I wish not to know. Allowing the teachings of the Lord to enter in is the only way to go.

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